Saturday, May 14, 2011

Child's Heart

Today we played a song from AJ's funeral (Smallest Wingless) and we told Malachi.  He said "Hey, I know, we can name my other brother AJ, too".  We asked him how that would work with both of them named the same name.  He said "Oh, we can change his name once we get to heaven with AJ."  Now for all of you that haven't heard, the first time we asked Malachi what name we should use and he said without even thinking "Malachi JR". 


  1. Hello to both of you! I am Alaina's friend from Ashland... we have twins daughters in Dana's grade at school and are adopting our new son Thomas from Ethiopia. Waiting for our embassy date. Would love to get to know you!

  2. Love it! Out of the mouth of babes!! Thanks for sharing Paula.