Thursday, May 12, 2011

Power of prayer

We just received an email from our adoption agency stating that we have received our MOWA letter. This is huge as MOWA recently made drastic changes to their system, reducing their rate of providing the needed recommendations for court to pass by 90%. Some estimated it could slow some adoptions down by as much as an additional year of waiting.  Our agency said that if we pass our court date (when we stand before an Ethiopian judge and say with a resounding yes that we absolutely, positively want this child) on May 23rd it could be as little as 4 to 8 weeks before traveling again to bring him home!! It could happen as early as the end of June or July!! Perhaps I will get to go on the second trip! The possibility of having our son come home sooner, providing more time with him before we have a newborn would be such an answer to prayer! A mysteriously gracious God we serve.

Adoption is so close to God's heart,

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