Saturday, July 23, 2011

Little Snag

Thursday morning about 2:00 am, Paula woke up very sick.  My mom was down here helping so I went ahead and went to work while Paula slept and my mom watched the two boys.  About 11:00 Paula called and said she needed to go to the doctor.  I called and made an appointment, got home and took her to the doctors office.  An hour later she was admitted into the hospital due to 103 fever, low blood levels and frequent diarrhea.  They could not figure out what it was but finally today (yes, we are still in the hospital) they decided that she had 'shigella', but don't know for sure how it was caused.  Everything is better now, both Paula and baby are just fine and should be out of the hospital by Monday!  A little scary for awhile but God is good.  Now we just have to get back to real life sometime and start a schedule.  Since I have been home last Thursday, we have only had two days by ourselves as a family of four, soon to be five!!


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  1. Yuck...God, place your hand on this family. Provide healing for Paula and protection for the health of the others in the family. Thank you for the showers of blessings that you are raining on these sweet people. In Jesus' name, Amen.