Tuesday, October 2, 2012

15 Degrees

Paula still isn't able to move her fingers, wrist, and thumb a whole lot more than before, but just because she can move it at all the therapist is still very optimistic that she will get it all back.  As far as the elbow, the skin in not quite healed but getting really close!  At therapy, at the end she could straighten her elbow to 15 degrees (with 0 being totally extended).  After surgery in Kearney at the very beginning, the dr thought she may only ever get it back to 30 degrees!!  Praise Jesus.  Most of the therapy is them moving the arm, but her range of motion and muscle should continue to get better.  She is still doing therapy 3 times a week, and as much as possible at home.  She also got special silicone that she has to put on her arm and wrap at nights.  As far as a timeline and a plan, Paula will go back to the surgeon next Thursday for a monthly checkup, will probably continue the therapy 3 times a week for a few more months.  The therapist thinks over the next 4-5 months she should start to get function and movement back, and get back to somewhat 'normal'.  Things are getting better and we cannot express how thankful we are for all the support and prayers from everyone.

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