Friday, May 27, 2011

We made it home!

I reluctantly write, as I am not feeling well. I have had to stay near a bathroom the past day or so, but thanks be to God, it doesn’t seem to be very serious and it happened after we got home. I will report the most important stuff and then fill in details in later posts.
Leaving our son at the orphanage was difficult, but I know that God provides and even while we were there visiting him I was blown away at how healthy he is. He turned 9 months the day before we saw him for the first time and he is so “normal” if I dare use the term. I can tell he has been loved and cared for and I am eternally grateful to my Father in Heaven for providing nannies that have doted on him as if he was there own. He literally lit up when he would see several of them, giggling and waving his arms. What more of a blessing could I ask of His creator? We had an appointment with his social worker who informed us that he is one of the favorites at his orphanage due to his laid back, fun attitude. His reports label him as charming and after playing with him I completely agree. My son is a charmer! He even has a little dimple on his left cheek when he smiles!  Oh, God is just that great, not only does he rescue and redeem, he also blesses us beyond our imagination. I remember praying that AJ would be a happier baby than Malachi had been (there are some of you out there that totally remember how grumpy he was!) and so I was so disillusioned when I didn’t even get to hold AJ alive in my arms. But God hears every whisper in our hearts, He doesn’t forget our prayers and He has given me a delightful little guy who will get to come home very soon.

During the entire trip I could sense God going before us, providing a way. I can’t even put into words what that feels like, other than…incredible. I remember a few months back after receiving our referral and then only months later finding out we were pregnant, panic set in. I was beside myself with fear, literally waiting for the proverbial “ball to drop”.  And then a wonderful mentor took me aside and reminded me that God sometimes blesses us beyond what we can even fathom and I should not live in fear. Praise be to God for providing someone to set me free from those irrational fears. Ever since I have been floating on what feels like an emotional cloud of blessings from God (does that even make sense?). And God continued His blessings while we visited Ethiopia…the people are amazing, literally beyond words. It is almost as if nothing could break their spirit. Ethiopia is a strong, Christian, conservative country…which was so refreshing.

I must go for now, but I will report more soon and a HUGE thanks to all of you that have supported us through this adventure!


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